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              1. 中文

                Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

                News MEI Awards: Restart from the New Decade

                MEI Awards: Restart from the New Decade


                In 2020, this unusual year, MEI Awards steps into its 10th anniversary. 10 years ago, China has been transforming from “World’s processing center” to “World’s creating center”. Nowadays, if you check the items that you bought or displayed on the shelves, you would find that most of them are made in China. There is a stereotype in people’s mind that made-in-China products are the ones of low-quality and cheap. And this stereotype has hindered the further development of China’s manufacturing industry.

                In order to break this stereotype, Made-in-China.com, as the connection of Chinese suppliers and global buyers, launched the original MEI Awards in 2011. It aimed to discover the representative high-quality Chinese products, evoke the attention of Chinese corporations for industrial design and brand innovation, enhance the value of Chinese brands, and let global public have a further understanding about Chinese made products.

                MEI Awards: A Rigorous Awards

                MEI Awards persists in fairness and public welfare. The judging committee is consisted of certified specialists from SGS, BV and TÜV, these top three certification institutions, would audit the authenticity of the material of every product one by one. Mr. Wang, the specialist from SGS, said that, “The basic threshold for product to be shortlisted is being qualified with the product quality standard of its relevant industry. We are always very stick to this principle.”

                During the final stage, the professional judging group would evaluate the products from several criteria such as quality, innovation, man-machine interaction, market value and social value. These selected products are able to represent the top level of Chinese products and would be showed both online and offline around the world.

                MEI Awards: An Innovative energized platform

                MEI Awards has already grown far from the original selection activity since it has launched the integrative development with market promotion, docking great design resources with manufactures, leading Chinese cooperation to research and develop in design and upgrading. Up to now, MEI Awards has gradually grown up to an innovative energized platform. The professional institution of MEI Awards has visited more than 300 enterprises of various industries in the past 10 years and organized series of activities such as “Design across the Distance”, “Manufacturing Summit”, “Learning Camp”, “Global Boutique Briefing”, and etc.

                The manager of Bear Electric Appliance CO., LTD showed their appreciation towards MEI Awards when they took part the “Design across the Distance” activity, “MEI Awards is a public benefit activity which is quite helpful to our consumer electronics industry. As we all known, this industry is sustaining innovating which brings us burdens and worries about promoting and innovating. However, the ‘Design across the Distance’ activity offers us a chance to communicate with professionals in this industry face-to-face, help us parse and solve our problems.”

                “There is also a share session for us to share our design outcomes with other designers. This session can broaden our horizon, enrich our design thinking, and offer more chances with us to communicate.”

                Continuing Bring Chinese Traditional Culture to the world

                Chinese traditional culture and manufactures are always very attractive and mysterious in the eyes of people around the world. MEI Awards, as the connection between Chinese manufacturing and global market, has the strong sense of presenting the beauty of Chinese traditional manufactures on the global stage, and they are fulfilling it all the time. Soap, comb, snuff bottle, root carving, including the later creations such as ink stone, writing brush and paper, MEI Awards appreciates these Chinese traditional culture and record them in details. In the past ten years, MEI Awards has visited numerous of seminaries of traditional culture and made series of documentaries about them. Xuan writing brush, is the intangible cultural heritage which originates in Anhui. Its inheritor, She Zhengjun, showed his appreciation toward MEI Awards, “Chinese traditional culture cannot be broken off in the modern time. I am so glad to see that MEI is protecting our treasure. No matter modern industry nor traditional ones, we cannot discard any of them.”

                2020, is not only the start of the new decade, but also the 10th anniversary of MEI Awards. “We shall keep assisting with enterprises in improving designing and ability of innovation”, said by the director of MEI Awards. At present, this national poll has already started and would pick the award winners based on the criteria of quality, creative and marketing. “Golden Award”, “Silver Award”, “Best Creative Award”, “Most Popular Award” and other kinds of awards would be rewarded to the great products and groups. Moreover, these rewarded products would be offered a chance to have an itinerant exhibition around the world to meet global buyers.

                The new decade, the new starting point. MEI Awards is keeping forward with Chinese enterprises. Let’s wait and see the top quality and brightest Chinese products.

                Tel    +86-25-66775166
                Email    mei@meiawards.com
                Facebook    MEI Awards
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