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              1. 中文

                Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

                About MEI Awards

                Make the Excellent Choice
                    Millions of products?
                    Let MEI Awards do the hard work so you don’t have to

                Elite products shortlisted and approved by industry experts narrows down the search for quality products and saves time.
                High functionally, durability and superiority of shortlisted products increases end-user satisfaction.
                The merit of manufactures of shortlisted products are also considered in the review process, reducing the risk for buyers in the trade process.

                What is MEI Awards?

                The Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards) is hosted by Made-in-China.com. It was initiated in 2011 to celebrate excellence in Chinese product manufacturing. The event brings together elite Chinese manufacturers to showcase their finest products on a global stage and to share industry insights.

                Why you can trust MEI Awards

                • Big Data
                We are open to all Chinese manufacturers. Our huge supplier database ensures buyers won’t miss any high-quality factories and products.

                • Professional
                The cross-industry short list of products in line with global market trends is generated by MEI Awards specialist staff via a variety of measurement methods like factories visiting, testing and key metrics analyzing.
                A panel of expert judges will assess the product shortlist according to the defined product criteria.

                • Cooperative
                MEI Awards maintains cooperative relations with many international buyers and purchasing groups. Relying on our large supplier database and robust selection mechanism, MEI Awards assists buyers to quickly match suitable suppliers and products.

                • Supply chain
                MEI Awards have established a supply chain system in emerging markets together with Boom Play, a brand of Transsion Holdings Co., Ltd. to enable MEI Awarded products to enter the marketing channels and the homes of C-end consumers in Africa, Latin America, India and other beyond – creating win-win outcomes for both suppliers and purchasers.

                The Award Categories

                  Product Awards: This year, the "quality", "innovation", "user experience", "performance", "aesthetics", "customer benefits" and "eco-friendliness" of the products are the main evaluation criteria for the:
                • Gold Award
                • Silver Award
                • Selected Award
                • Best Innovation Concept Award
                • Enterprise Awards are selected according to the companies’ brand reputation, innovation and trading capability:
                • Outstanding Enterprise Award
                • Most Promising Enterprise Award
                • Green Manufacturing Award

                WHY we do it

                Encourage Chinese product designers to not only be in line with global product trends, specifications and requirements, but to lead the way.
                Efficiently enable global buyers to accurately find outstanding Chinese factories and products.
                Accelerate branding innovation.

                WHERE to purchase

                MEI Awards has launched its own dedicated e-commerce store: www.meiawards.en.made-in-china.com with all winning and shortlisted products conveniently listed in one place.


                MEI Awards works with a range of partners. Please get in touch if you are in the following industries to discuss how we can work together:

                • E-commerce platform
                • Retailers
                • Accreditation companies
                • Industry and news media

                MEI Awards Product Launches

                Winners of MEI Awards will be exhibited at world-wide trade shows. We welcome you all to attend those activities, where you will be able to see Chinese manufacturing ingenuity first-hand.

                Tel    +86-25-66775166
                Email    mei@meiawards.com
                Facebook    MEI Awards
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